Variety Amplifier

Vancouver, BC (2018)         

Photo Credit: Puya Khalili        

Variety Amplifier is a machine-sculpture-building hybrid and prototype for a future Architecture school. It counters two trends driven by recent technological progress; the static nature of towers and the primacy of the visual sense. The Variety Amplifier uses Stafford Beer's "Designing Freedom" as its manifesto, aiming to counter the creation of cultural mush in order to liberate society from 'the electronic mafia.' 

The Variety Amplifier is a living sculpture which creates variety as its form and program constantly adapt, absorbing sensory programs which provoke students to innovate with all of their senses. The circulation core is a large connector, a mixing room for machines and humans- an event space, stock room, delivery area, scanner, and elevator.  The void spaces between forms allow for expansion to the exterior and facilitate deliveries from airborne machines. 

Featured at Gaining Altitude Exhibition (Livingspace Interiors), 2019. 

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