Above Ground Level: 35 786 km: Blue Origin II

Vancouver (2019)                  

Sara Stevens
Fionn Byrne
Scott Sørli


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Blue Origin II represents the next phase in Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ luxury space company Blue Origin. It occurs in a future where anticipating the total destruction of the earth by climate change, billionaires (Bezos included) decide to cryogenically freeze themselves in geostationary orbit. Bruno Latour draws a direct link between the elite’s fascination with interplanetary travel and the dissemination of consumer culture and climate change denial.

Cryogenic tombs in Geostationary orbit have two advantages; first, they will allow ageing billionaires to avoid orbital and environmental decay, second, billionaires are able to monetize their space arks by using them as anchors for space elevators, collecting tariffs until the colonization of Mars is proven viable.

Operated by the International Telecommunications Union, the Geostationary Orbit is the most valuable real estate in the Earth’s orbital space—containing only 1800 available slots. This belt operates directly above the equator at the Earth’s speed and is ideal for telecommunications satellites as they do not have to rotate their antennae to communicate with Earth stations. These characteristics make GSO slots ideal locations for space elevator anchors.

Each satellite chamber reflects the most innovative headquarters of each billionaire on Earth so that private citizens accessing space can appreciate shrines to the Earth’s largest industries. Bezos’ tomb is anchored at the monument to the middle of the earth in Ecuador. Sitting directly above,his golden head splits the northern and southern hemispheres.

Bezos’ golden head tomb is surrounded by a Californian eden of palm trees to remind space tourists of his silicon valley routes. His head, nature perfected in his own image, contains nutrients, weapons, and embryos to ensure his future success. His nostrils contain jet propulsion packs to aid in his imminent escape into interplanetary space.

Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence Nomination 
Abraham Rogatnick Book Prize Recipient
Faculty Project Selection, Graduate Thesis Show

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