Above Ground Level: 408 km: Space Treaty 2037

Vancouver (2019)                  

Sara Stevens
Fionn Byrne
Scott Sørli


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The third episode occurs at 408 km above sea level—in the Lower Earth Orbit. It envisages a post-Space War future where humanitarian space aid workers are sent to weld together fragments from the destroyed International Space Station, permanently blending the
objects’ jurisdictions and circumventing property law from the archaic 1967 Outer Space Treaty. 

The blended jurisdiction objects are used to establish equitable relations in space. The 2037 Outer Space Treaty is designed to protect international infrastructures by sending humanity’s most valuable artifacts into Lower Earth Orbit, where they will be preserved
in these dust-free space capsules and can be watched via live feeds from earth. 

Space Treaty 2037 investigates the political and symbolic power of space objects, and how these objects define access to resources in space. Additionally, it suggests that the lack of public oversight in space could be resolved by displacing humanity’s most valued cultural objects hundreds of kilometers above ground level, extending our gaze to space infrastructures and the actions of military powers.

Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence Nomination 
Abraham Rogatnick Book Prize Recipient
Faculty Project Selection, Graduate Thesis Show

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